How to make a mouse pad

Pricing for flimsy rubber mouse pads is ridiculous! I needed something to protect my white desk from the constant use of my mouse (I spend more time at the computer that I care to admit!). I didn’t want to dole out money on some mousepad that had a picture of a dog. I wanted something meaningful to me. Something that would encourage me.

I’ve recently found “The Mom Pledge” poster I downloaded from Hannah Kelley‘s website. Which is what I’m using for my new mouse pad. {I didn’t take pictures when I made mine, so I’m making a second one for the purpose of this tutorial.}

What you need:

  • A print out of what you want your mouse pad to look like
  • Cardboard of some kind…I used the back of a Mead spiral bound notebook and cut it down to size}
  • Gluestick
  • tape
  • Clear page protector


  1. Gather all supplies
  2. Decide which accent picture, quote…whatever, you want on your mouse pad. Trim it to size and find some accent paper that goes nicely.
  3. Glue picture to accent paper, then glue it to the  cardboard. Trim cardboard.
  4. Place into a clear protective sheet.
  5. {this part I forgot to take pictures of.} Trim protective sheet so that only the nicely folded side is closed. Cut off the bottom and hole punched side. Turn it over so that you are looking at the back of the mouse pad. trim and fold protective sheet as needed so that it is snug around the cardboard. Use your tape. The back isn’t pretty but it gets the job done.
  6. Flip over and enjoy your new mouse pad. You may want to get a few tiny rubber stickers to place on the back so that it doesn’t slide around while using the mouse.

Create a mouse pad

If you use this tutorial, would you please show me? I’d love to see what pictures you use!




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